Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Exclusive: 'The Christmas Express' has been Delayed

Well, I have two exclusive reports today. As TheTopHatts have mentioned on his blog that milkshake! in the UK will not be airing 'The Christmas Express' on its air date. This goes for Australia too, who are now showing Season 16 at the moment on ABC2 as the episode has been delayed until the end of the year, as mentioned in an email that I've received from them today:

'Thank you for your email regarding Thomas and Friends.

You are quite correct that Episode 3 of Series 16 of Thomas and Friends, Express Coming Through, is scheduled to be repeated on Sunday 4 March, on ABC2. 

ABC Children’s Television staff have advised that, in general, children’s programs with Christmas themes are reserved for screening during the Christmas period.  Consequently, a programming decision was made to suspend screening of Episode 18, The Christmas Express, until the end of this year.' 

So on March 4th, which would've been the air date of 'The Christmas Express', the episode will be replaced with a repeat of 'Express Coming Through'. So there won't be any review on March 4th due to the episode's delay. 

'The Christmas Express' will be on ABC2 in late 2012.