Sunday, 26 February 2012

S16 Ep 11: Thomas and The Sounds Of Sodor

Well yesterday's episode was good, but the Calliope playing the original Thomas theme was the highlight of the whole episode. This is another episode focused on music, we had 'Thomas, Percy and The Squeak','Edward's Brass Band', 'Tuneful Toots' and 'Percy and The Calliope' and now we have this:

Written by Gerard Foster
Directed by Greg Tirenan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:



A famous composer visits the island looking for inspiration for a new piece of music. Thomas has been chosen to take him around.

- Toby's driver is seen at the front of Toby's cab at the beginning
- The composer was hilarious when he has to come up with a new tune
- The music scene made by the engines was impressive.

- It was another 'three strikes your out' episode, like always in the recent series
- It was obvious what the Sounds of Sodor is, it's always the engines. 
- Seems Sir Topham Hatt's is always gonna be called 'Fat Controller'. The Fat Controller's real name is of course Sir Topham Hatt, but not because of political correctness in America.
- Annie and Clarabel made an appearance, but I was hoping to hear them talk, shame that they didn't. 
- Despite what I said about the engines' music scene being impressive with the music, it's pointless for a 'grand concert'.

I have to say this episode is just bad, but after watching it, I kind of enjoyed it with the music and visuals, but that doesn't save the episode from being bad. However the story did remind me of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' from the 1997 Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Annual when the church organ was broken and Henry, Gordon, Percy and Toby use their whistles and bell to play music for the Christmas carol, maybe that could be an episode for the future series. I know that in the UK and Australia, Sir Topham Hatt is called The Fat Controller since the Railway Series. But his name is really 'Sir Topham Hatt', in fact, this is for the people who are new to Thomas, there are three 'Sir Topham's' in the Railway Series, as seen here, he was mentioned as the Fat Director in the first two books until 1948, James the Red Engine was published with the word 'Controller', when BR was nationalised and he was renamed 'The Fat Controller'. When the show entered in US territory in 1989, they renamed him 'Sir Topham Hatt' due political correctness, which is why Ringo Starr re-narrated his line for the episode to fit for the US audience on 'Shining Time Station' and Thomas VHS and DVDs. 

I know I said that the music scene with the engines was impressive, but it was pointless to have in the series for a concert when it just goes for like 30 seconds. However, the story is bad and pointless, but there might be some people who would enjoy it.

I've noticed from some people that this episode came from the same writer who wrote 'Percy's New Friends', which I do have to say this episode is better then the season 15 episode.
Rating: 1/5

Tomorrow: Salty's Surprise.

NOTE: Since that ABC has gone through the same footsteps as milshake! with 'The Christmas Express', there will be no review for it next week as the episode will be replaced by 'Express Coming Through'. Maybe they're keeping it in time for Christmas as ABC did that last year with 'Percy The Snowman'. But whenever the episode's on, I might as well do a special Christmas review in the later months.

Cheers ;)