Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Exclusive: Blue Mountain Mystery official website

(Thanks to Thomas & Friends Wikia. This can be seen on the
 'Narrow Gauge & Standard Gauge' video)

As announced by SiF late last year that a new DVD special entitled 'Blue Mountain Mystery' will be released on DVD and BluRay for 2012, Canadian Thomas Fan and YouTuber, CalleyFan, have found the official website of the DVD special here. No trailer has been released yet, but their is footage from the movie itself that you can find on the 'Narrow Gauge & Standard Gauge' video. Their are a couple of Railway Series references in the video and it teaches kids about the differences between the two different gauges.

Another video, shows the new character Luke, the mystery engine and new character that will be introduce in the upcoming special. A downloadable book can be found under 'Hide & Peep Thomas' showing the characters and some pictures from the movie.

'Blue Mountain Mystery' will see the return of the Skarloey Railway engines in full CGI and new voices and introduce new characters such as Owen, Merrick and Luke. The special will be released on DVD and BluRay later in 2012.

Thanks to CalleyFan for the alert.