Tuesday, 26 September 2017

S21 Ep.7: Hasty Hannah


Written by
Lee Pressman

Directed by
Dianna Basso

Produced by
Micalea Winters

Air Date

While Henrietta is getting her seats refurbished, Toby is given a replacement carriage named Hannah. However, she is so headstrong and reckless that Toby gets fed up with her urging him to go faster and faster, and abandons her to visit Henrietta. Meanwhile, Hannah joins up with James and learns to her cost that going too fast for a little carriage is not at all wise.

- Moral: Best to be safe than sorry
- The relationship between Toby and Henrietta
- Henrietta and Hannah being sisters was a good twist

- If Hannah is Henrietta's sister wouldn't Toby know her too?

I remember how the way this episode was 'announced'. Sometime last year there were these fake title cards on twitter and one them was for this episode and someone on the Thomas & Friends wikia made a whole page thinking it was real. But of course I now think they knew the whole thing after countless emails to Lee Pressman about upcoming episodes and characters. Now I understand the excitement of it all but they, the email writers, need to realise that not all people like to be spoiled about upcoming things and that needs to be taken to account. Plus they are asking a writer about these episodes who was under contract by HIT Entertainment and Mattel, thankfully though he didn't reveal too much info or the company not knowing about this. But if they did it would be in violation and he could've been given the sack! To me it shows the impatience of fans, yes we all want things now but there is a saying, 'Patience is virtue'. I wait for the product to come out and it's really not that hard to wait. 

Now on with the episode, I quite enjoyed it! The episode did showcase the moral that it's better to be safe than sorry with Hannah's character of course and the voice acting by Lucy Montgomery, who was the voice of Lexi in 'Journey Beyond Sodor', which by the way my review comes out on October 4th after my review of the 13th episode. Her voice was incredible and I enjoyed it. It fits with her personality. 

I also love how Lee Pressman captured the relationship between Toby and Henrietta. They are like a married couple. They need and love each other! They are such a husband and wife duo and the writers capture that so well. It was also a nice twist to know that Henrietta and Hannah are both sisters and I think it was great that they both came from the same railway. A bit like Toby's real railway, the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway. But one thing puzzles me. If Henrietta and Hannah are sisters, wouldn't Toby know her as well? You could create an even better story with the Fat Controller finding her in a scrapyard and gave her new life as a spare coach incase anything happens to any other coach. Toby remembered her very well and just hates her way of thinking. It's not bad but it just a bit puzzling. You might say 'oh they might be from different railways!' the coach that Hannah was made is the same as Henrietta and were built for the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway. 

Episode Rating:
Runaway Engine - 9/10
PA Problems - 10/10
Hasty Hannah - 7/10

Series Rating (So far):