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S21 Ep.1: Springtime for Diesel

After the success of S20 that left fans saying it was the best season of this era, fans are now wondering what S21 would hold? We have been given the news back in August that Terence the Tractor is a returning character as well as Flying Scotsman's voice actor stating that his character will return after 'The Great Race'. S21 is also into a new change with Rosie the SR USA Dock tank engine, getting rid of her stereotypical girly pink livery and was given cherry red livery with the North Western Railway logo on her side tanks. Rosie's new looks, voice and job have made its first appearance in the 2017 movie, 'Journey Beyond Sodor', which was released in cinemas in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and on DVD and Digital Download in the US. The DVD will be coming soon in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Netherlands. My DVD and Movie review of 'Journey Beyond Sodor' will be released on October 4th, which is the DVD's release date in Australia.

Now with this year's special out of the way, would S21 be good? Well's let's find out and hope that the episodes don't take long to air by the TV providers in the UK, even though 'milkshake' will be playing 13 episodes until early October. But first:


Written by
Davey Moore

Directed by
Diana Basso

Produced by
Micaela Winters

Air Date

Daisy's springs need fixing after Diesel shunts her.

- Nice to see some complexity from Diesel
- Den not being dumb
- Love the people in the background
- Daisy caring for her passengers

- The episode doesn't seem to be any start of a story arc.
- 'I'm glad I don't have springs', don't all engines do?
- A bit of a continuity error here. 

So here we are, our first episode of the brand new season that is not given to Thomas. I will say that this episode is good. I like how the writers are giving Diesel some complex development, he can be a rude and devious engine but at times he can feel quite guilty at things and he sometime showcases a soft side to things. I would rather have something like that then keep him as a one-dimensional character who would become completely boring in the end if it was used constantly. I also love how Den is not being this dumb engine who doesn't understand what everything means, the whole 'What 'e means is...' schtick is getting quite old and it's nice to see that Den knows what what means now and I hope the Thomas team keeps up with that. I also love the subtle gags that the animators put in like the two passengers bumping into each other. I also like how Daisy, a character who thinks more about herself than others, actually cares for her passengers despite her broken spring. It's good character development and I give credit for Davey Moore for doing that! 

Although fans have been speculating that this might be a story arc considering that there are three Diesel episodes so far this season; this one, tomorrow's episode and the upcoming Christmas one, 'Big Freeze', but I have a feeling that this isn't one. Tomorrow's episode is going to be Diesel taunting Daisy for being one of a kind despite that he was learning to change his ways so he would become Daisy's friend. I know that this may not be the production order as TV stations don't always air it in that order but there hasn't been anything conclusive on what the production order is. Plus I'll wait and see what the outcome is of the second episode.

The episode is also a bit strange with its continuity as well. In 'The Railcar and the Coaches', Daisy said that she was going off to the Dieselworks for her fitter. Yet Den and Dart in this episode act like that this the first time seeing her. Now you might say, 'Maybe Den and Dart weren't there in The Railcar and the Coaches'. I doubt that as the two diesels are always stationed there. I know some people might say it's not a big deal but continuity is important for a series to make all the episodes feel connected. Also and this is a nitpick, I think it was odd that Den said he isn't glad that doesn't have springs yet many engines do for balance. I don't know much about his basis and trying research about these things on google is a bit of a pain to be honest. But the little reference was just kinda odd.

But in the end, the episode was good with Diesel but I kinda liked 'Diesel and the Ducklings' more because that episode didn't try to develop Diesel's character and he goes back to his old ways in the next and it showcases him being sensitive about other things and shows another side of him. 

Episode Ratings:
Springtime For Diesel - 8/10

Overall Ratings (So far): 

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