Wednesday, 14 November 2012

S5 Ep.1: Cranky Bugs

As the Railway Series rights were bought by Britt Allcroft in full ownership, Series 5 doesn't show any more adapted stories from the actual books. Instead, they (Allcroft and Mitton) created their own stories and characters. Some of the stories are great but some stories in my opinions can get dark and some episode's with the accidents are not suitable for children of the target range of the show. George Carlin was replaced as he went back to his comedy show, but he did say playing as Mr. Conductor and narrating Thomas was the happiest thing he did in his life. George Carlin was replaced by Hollywood actor, Alec Baldwin, who will later play as Mr. Conductor in the box office flop, 'Thomas and The Magic Railroad'. But sadly a year earlier, Rev.W.Awdry have passed away and in 1996, a year earlier before the passing of Wilbert Awdry, Christopher Awdry wrote his last Railway Series book (before 2007 and 2011) entitled 'New Little Engine'. So let's take a look at the new and refreshed Thomas the Tank Engine in Series 5, but first:


Written by
Britt Allcroft and David Mitton

Directed by
David Mitton

Air Date:

A new crane named Cranky is causing trouble towards Thomas and Percy calling them 'little bugs'. When Gordon and James actually agree with Cranky, he grew bossier and made the two tank engines delayed which made the Fat Controller cross. Later that night, a storm came to the island and the big engines were trapped at the docks. A tramp steamer was out of control and went straight for the shed, trapping the big engines and knocking down Cranky. Thomas and Percy came to the rescue, Cranky admitted he was rude to them and the two tank engines and the crane became good friends. 

- Amazing work on the tramper's crash
- Percy pulling Cranky back was funny.

- What was the reason Cranky was at Brendam in the first place?
- Why were the big engines trapped at the docks?
- Duck is not a big engine.
- Percy couldn't be that strong to haul Cranky?

The episode is OK, I don't hate it, but there are some flaws with it. Their was no specific reason why Cranky came to the docks in the first place, what was the reason, do they need more cranes? Why were the big engines trapped at the docks? Yet later on with the episode, the Fat Controller, Thomas and Percy manage to get to the docks later in the episode. Even though I said that Percy pulling Cranky down was funny, but with Percy's basis, being a GWR Avonside tank engine with a trojan body, his weight is 22.33t and with Cranky not having a basis, I don't how strong he would be, but, wouldn't Percy have his wheels slipping? 

But despite all the nitpicking, the tramper's crash is well filmed, both the model work and the filming. 

Rating: 3/5