Wednesday, 14 November 2012

iPad App Review: Mix Up Match Up



Another app for the Thomas & Friends franchise entitled, 'Mix Up Match Up'. The Thomas applications have been going on since 2010 with the release of 'Thomas Game Pack' for the iPod Touch and the iPhone during the 65th anniversary of the Railway Series books by HIT Entertainment and then the 'Thomas Tilt and Go' game. Later on in the year, ebooks of previously released books in the US were made with interactive storytelling by Keith Wickham, the voice of Edward, James, Percy etc. in the recent animated series of 'Thomas & Friends'. There are some apps that allow interactive storytelling and record your own voice. 

 'Thomas and Toby' app

There is also the recently released ebooks of 'The Railway Series' which is on for sale only to UK  members on iTunes and US on Amazon Kindle. I bought some when I was in Ireland back in August 2012 and they are in their unique shape but best more viewable on an iPad in my opinion then an iPhone. 

Now on with the review:

Guess each engine and every time you win you get another
engine as part of the game

The app is of course aimed for kids. They guess the engine by touching its circle if you get it wrong the narrator will tell you to try again. To win engines you have to guess each engine right before time runs out. Though there can be a bit of an error in the game which I've experienced yesterday while I was playing. Sometimes any character will pop up but its circle picture doesn't appear on either side, for example, Spencer pulls out of the Steamworks, that's where you'll get him, he's there in the centre, but the two pictures are Thomas and James. If you experienced this kind of problem, the best thing to do is to reset your iPad, it worked for me. 

After the three games, you can place stickers of your choice at the three locations and save them to your photo library. 

Place stickers of anything in the three places on this app.

You can place anything anywhere, kids will like this. The price range is as followed in their respective countries:

US - $1.99
AUS - $1.99

The app is really much for kids, it helps them with memory of which engine that comes out of the docks, steamworks or sheds. That's really much I have to say about this app, if you have kids and want to give them some entertainment, buy this app, the links below will take you the iTunes preview: