Monday, 18 December 2017

S21 Ep.17: Daisy's Perfect Christmas


Written by
Davey Moore

Directed by
Dianna Basso

Produced by 
Micaela Winters

Air Date

Daisy is sad when Christmas doesn't go as planned.


We are given another Daisy episode by Davey Moore who still nailed her persona very well. The theme of the episode is pretty much about adding new things that are not in the traditional mindset and I see this working with Daisy rather well giving her haughty and diva personality. We all want to experience the same thing each year around Christmas all the time because it was fun and we had good memories of it. But sometimes things need to change to make it a bit better and fresher and not many people like that idea because they think it would be ruined forever.

One example in this episode is Daisy not liking the children singing different versions of Christmas carols as she enjoyed what she had experienced over the years and she complains about it because she's only thinking about her wants and needs. But the children don't mind the new changes because they love it in the end as they are more into the spirit of Christmas! It served and it delivered successfully to them. It's a good message too especially now that the show is having a new format next year ending the usual episode run. It was traditional but as Ryan puts it in this episode it's 'just different'. It'll be different and new but they, hopefully, will keep the spirit of what makes Thomas good still as it did before. Davey Moore's writing for these kind of messages feels like he knows about the fanbase or that it was big coincidence. The moral that he'd showcased here is good enough to be learnt by anyone whether they're a child or an adult.

I can relate to Daisy with her dislike of winter. Of course I live in Australia in the Southern Hemisphere so our seasons are different compare to the north as we have our winters between June-August. But anyway, one of things I love about winter is the NSW steam locomotive season as they run tours across the state until the late spring and another thing is the NRL, National Rugby League. I'm sure there might be some people living in the north of England who had heard that sport of course if they're reading this post. If you're in the US and know who Russell Crowe is, it's the sport that he loves. The NRL is different to the AFL though. It's always fun during winter to watch the game and of course the famous State of Origin where players from both NSW (New South Wales) & QLD (Queensland) rivals together every year to win the series. It's almost the equivalent of the NFL's Super Bowl.

I digress here, but the season of winter is not my favourite season. Of course I do like to have the warm heater on and snuggle in my bed in the night but when you go outside it's bleak and cold and damp at times. So I can relate to Daisy here when it comes to winter. Overall this episode was very good and I enjoyed it and it had a good message that traditions may have changed but it's the spirit that counts.

Episode Rating:
Stuck in Gear - 8/10
Series Rating (So far):