Monday, 11 December 2017

S21 Ep.16: Terence Breaks the Ice


Written by
Lee Pressman 

Directed by
Dianna Basso

Produced by 
Micaela Winters

Air Date

Terence takes a shortcut across a frozen lake 
while collecting Christmas trees for the holiday market.

Lee Pressman does have some stories this season that were up and down for me and after 'Philip's Number', I was starting to loose interest in his writing as he focuses more on comedy than story, it was fine at first with Dowager Hatt but with comedy being the main focus it was loosing some appeal, I understand it could be under Mattel's control but we don't know much about the facts to be honest. He had written, Lee Pressman, some episodes that were more story than comedy and of course they were 'Kevin's Cranky Friend', 'A Shed for Edward', despite some comedy, and 'Gordon and Spencer'.

With this episode, there was little bits of comedy but there was more story! Terence's comeback was a bit subtle and that is good not big not flashy just small and the flashback that was provided, 'Thomas, Terence and the Snow', was a good way to introduce the younger audience on who and what he is before, I can admit it is obvivously fan service but it works that way to get young kids to understand the history between the two despite that most of it was used to pan out the story as the plot was a bit thin and the setting had that very Season 1 feeling towards it with simple countryside and background and it was nice of Chris Renshaw to remake the little ditty of Thomas being stuck in the snow in the flashback.

I will say the voice for Terence was disappointing. To me he sounds like Rex but without his accent. Why not have his voice to be like a farmer from the west country? Considering he's a tractor that works on a farm as that would make sense.

The rest of the episode was good and it feels like something that Christopher Awdry would write, like his 'Terence Takes a Bath' annual story which has some similarities of this episode. It was simple and it was nice, despite the plot being a bit thin, with a nice moral that it's better to be sensible to be safe. There was a nice balance between story and comedy and it was probably the best story by Lee Pressman since Dowager Hatt's episode this season!

Episode Rating:
Stuck in Gear - 8/10
Series Rating (So Far):

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