Wednesday, 4 October 2017

S21 Ep.13: A Shed For Edward


Written by
Lee Pressman

Directed by
Dianna Basso

Produced by 
Micaela Winters

When Edward's shed is being repaired he is first sent to Philip's shed, then the Steamworks, then Brendam Docks, but they are all too noisy for him to get a good night's sleep!

Air Date

Back around July 2017, there were rumours going around that Edward and Henry were getting booted out of the 'steam team' because they weren't marketable according to Mattel. Now this was at the time of stupid 'Thomas Wood' prank that two users on twitter had made because of the new changes and the whole 'we care' stuff that they put where instead it was more division among the fanbase and the rumours (Edward and Henry) were either a fake for attention seeking or a grain of salt, after all Edward and Henry are important characters as they've been around for nearly 75 years. 

So now that this episode had aired, I will say the removal of Edward was not that bad to be honest. It's not like he was booted out of the show for good, he is still there he just moved to Wellsworth and they've acknowledged that he has a branch line and I hope we have more episodes focusing on that in future. I mean we have Toby and he is part of the 'steam team' and he doesn't sleep at Tidmouth sheds and yet we had episodes focusing on him in the past, despite some of them being lackluster episodes.

It feels like my episode that I made for my series 'Goodbye Percy' earlier in the year. I had him removed from Thomas' branch line because I had Stanley moved there and of course him being the strong engine what's the point of having two goods engines? So that's why I have him moved there. Plus we had many engines leaving the main line before such as Thomas and we have engines like Daisy moving to the Harwick branch line in the 2015 special.

Another part of the rumour was that the new African engine named Nia, from the upcoming 'Big World Big Adventures' movie/series will be in place of Edward's berth. If that is true, which I have a feeling it would it would be most likely, then I'll wait and see how it delivers. I'm not those people that would quickly judge something as bad and hope it'll be bad. In the end, I hope we see what the writers and production team would have for Edward in stores?

As of the episode I say it was a pretty good one, maybe not as good as yesterday's. But I love it how it ties in with 'The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor', nice to see some continuity. Although that's also the puzzling issue here, this season was suppose to be set before 'Journey Beyond Sodor' and yet in the movie Edward was seen in Tidmouth sheds with the other engines worrying about Thomas. There were some comedy and I will say it was a little ridiculous that Edward was placed on a ship to get some peace and quiet but some of the comedy is pretty much OK.

Another thing now with the removal of Edward at the sheds, what is the point of a 'steam team' anyway? Sure it's there to set a character core base but in the past we have engines being located at branch lines and the main shed and they still manage to interact with each other on a daily bases. The whole main cast staying at Tidmouth sheds started way back in S5 but what was the point of that change when it was alright in the past. Not to mention that in this season we have more focus on the secondary characters.

Although if there's one bit I'm pretty confused by and that was Philip's location. He's the shunter at Knapford and stays at Wellsworth, how can that work considering that they are far apart from each other? It would've made more sense to have BoCo or the the Scottish twins! For those two you could have Boco being a big snorer or Donald and Douglas bickering. There is a small shed at Knapford yards, you could have Philip there!

In the end, despite the removal of Edward, at least he wasn't kicked off the show. The episode was good in the end and whatever the outcome is in the future we'll be there to see it.  

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And those are the episode's that milkshake will be airing for the time being and I'm very pleased that they've played more episodes rather than five. Much more better than how the way they've treated S19 and S20 by lagging behind other countries like Japan and Australia and other stations like 'Cartoonio'.  Well the next lot are the Christmas/Winter episodes that are out now in the US and next month in the UK on the 'Christmas on Sodor' DVD. I will make a review of that but the S21 Christmas episodes will be held back until they have aired on UK TV.


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