Wednesday, 4 October 2017

S21 Ep.12: The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor


Written by
Helen Farrall

Directed by
Dianna Basso

Produced by 
Micaela Winters

When Rosie is painted red she is challenged to a race by fellow red engine James. A screeching sound leads Rosie to suggest that James should get his brakes checked, but he is too proud to do that, which leads to trouble.

Air Date

The reason this was released a day later is because I had a stomach bug and didn't have much energy to post it. I'm better now though! 

Probably one of the best episode's of S21.

Since that her persona is now shown on the back of the new 'Wood' range, I think I might place my thoughts on this new persona or should say her suppose to be original persona. I think it's great that the Thomas team had fixed her up! Since her introduction in 2006 she was nowhere near a tomboy and it had been stated on her toys and even the official website back then. Most likely she was a creepy stalker to Thomas.

A tomboy is a girl who is more associated with things that are to boys such as Misty in 'Pokemon' (despite some traces of some girly girl). Everyone had been complaining that Rosie had been neglected for years and that her original persona should be focused and now since we got our wish some people are now saying this is pleasing 'SJW's', social justice warriors, a stupid buzzword that's been going around lately. I'm sorry if I'm attacking anyone here, but this is the best thing that we could see coming for Rosie and the idea of her new livery suits her persona very well rather than her pink livery which has nothing to do with her tomboy persona back in 2006. Despite that they never explained why, there's not any reason to hate it? Although I do like it that they have acknowledged that she does have a repaint. 

I love James' persona here, he's stubborn not vain so another trait that we see from him that isn't flanderised. Stubborn about his paint and his brakes and of course for the latter it had lead to a pretty neat build up for a crash that would transit to the next episode, which I thought was really clever. James' runaway was good too and I was hoping that we have an 'Old Iron' feeling with Rosie racing along to catch him. Although I think it would've been better if it were his brakes failing and not brake fluid as steam engines don't use fluid in their brakes. 

But in the end this was great! 

Episode Rating:
Runaway Engine - 9/10
PA Problems - 10/10
Hasty Hannah - 7/10
Cranky at the End of the Line - 5/10
New Crane on the Dock - 9/10
Unscheduled Stops - 10/10
Philip's Number- 6/10
 The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor- 10/10

Series Rating (So Far):

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