Friday, 29 March 2013

DVD Review: Schoolhouse Delivery


Written by
Jessica Sandys - Clarke
Rachel Dawson 
Sharon Miller


Special Features
'The Mighty Magnet' game
'Guess Who!' puzzle

Directed by
Greg Tiernan

Produced by
Nicole Stinn

Release Date

Distributed by
HIT Entertainment/Lionsgate

Taking a look back from last year with 'Schoolhouse Delivery' containing three season 14 episodes and one season 15 episode, some episodes are poor and two are decent. So let's take a look at one of the US' CGI releases. 

The only decent episodes I find good from this DVD is 'Being Percy' and 'Henry's Health and Safety', the moral (in 'Being Percy') was good for kids to learn from about 'Being yourself' and it worked well for Percy, even though it has been rehashed in a few more episodes around the two seasons (S14/15).  The other episodes, I find dull, they were poorly written and were given for the wrong characters. 'Diesel's Special Delivery', I find the episode to be poor because of Diesel's persona. For many years he's been called devious and in just this episode he was acting nice, sure he may want to be useful and I think that's OK, but his character has always been devious. 'Henry's Health and Safety' I think it's OK, it does show what can happen on a railway if anything got into an engines' way. 'Happy Hiro' is what I find poor. If Hiro wants to go home to his country, Japan, why not make an episode about it, instead of him being on the Island all the time feeling homesick? You can see more of my views of these episodes by clicking on the links of the titles. 

Some of the games aren't as special then the ones Anchor Bay released last decade, before Lionsgate took over the home entertainment releases. But I bought a few last year and some of the games are fun and better like the one on the Christmas DVD and the one, this year, on 'Go Go Thomas'. The game here 'The Mighty Magnet' is OK, all you have to do is to use Butch to pick anything that is metal, more likely they should've kept the game for 'Sticky Situations'. It's simple, but I think kids will enjoy the game. 'Guess Who' puzzles are good for the kids too with guessing the characters like Thomas, Henry and Hiro, simple but fun for kids. 

The Mr. Perkins segments are fun to watch as well and he's a likeable character too. Kids will enjoy the special features on this DVD. 

Despite it being a four episode release, before HIT introduced five on the US' DVDs now, there are two poorly written stories and two good ones. Little kids from the target audience will like them but they might fine some of the episode unentertaining, but If they do enjoy them that is fine by me. 

Rating: 3/5