Wednesday, 6 March 2013

DVD Review: Go Go Thomas


Written by
Sharon Miller, Jessica Sandys Clarke & Neil Ben


Directed by
Greg Tiernan 

Produced by
Nicole Stinn 

Special Features:

Release Date:

Distributed by:
HIT Entertainment/ABC For Kids

Another DVD review 2013, this is the first DVD release for Australia of the Thomas & Friends brand and surprisingly it came out early too as most CGI DVDs either come out later in the year or the next or not even at all. The UK and US will also have there DVD release this week as well with episodes from the sixteenth series that aired in Australia, UK and US in early 2012. Is this DVD worth it despite some bad and decent episodes from the sixteenth and fifteenth series? Well let's find out. Please be advise of warning at the top. 

I am a bit disappointed with this DVD as of course there are two S15 episodes that I don't like at all. Express Coming Through - Welcome Stafford are the good ones compare to those two. In my reviews last year 'Kevin The Steamie' has a poor teaching moral, bad grammar, 'feel badly' and the only positive I give to the episode was the tracking of the oil drum that got jammed under Spencer's buffer. 'Wonky Whistle', I find that episode to be overrated because you see nothing but bad criticism from fans of the episode and I understand and respect that. I hate it too, the episode, but their are other bad episodes from S15, 'Percy's New Friends' is what I find one of the worst. I remember hearing from a US parent that the episode (Wonky Whistle) has the moral of teaching about patiences, I know its their opinions, but there are better episodes from the Thomas franchise that has the same teaching moral and show it in a simple sort of way, 'Thomas' Train' is a good example of it. 

The rest of the DVD has some good and not so good episode. With 'Welcome Stafford', I never liked the episode and never liked Stafford in the beginning, but as the months of 2012 passed on, he grew to be likeable and he's quite a simple character too. 'Express Coming Through' is the episode I enjoyed the most. It has a nostalgic moment like Thomas pulling the express carriages, like he did in 'Thomas' Train' and that is really about what the Thomas fan base likes about it. But it has a good story but Thomas' stupidity can get in the way of it. And 'Flash, Bang Wallop!' was an OK episode too, with some nostalgic easter eggs with Percy and James. If you're a Thomas fan from the early years, you'll understand.   


Sadly their are no special features, as usual. ABC really need to think to have the special features on their Thomas DVDs. Children may want more things then just episodes. After all we haven't got the Mr. Perkins segments nor the 'Down at The Station' ones and the 'Guess Who' ones too.    

I prefer the UK's version of the DVD, keeping in mind this DVD's episode listing is from Australia, with its selection of episodes being all from S16, the US and UK will have what's planned. I am planning to get myself a copy of it though from the UK. Here the last two is what made it a bit dissapointing to an older Thomas fan who enjoys the CGI animation then the bad story lines. The younger fans will like the episodes and if you're a long time Thomas fan and if you like some of the episodes, minus the last two, here then I suggest giving it a watch. But I wish ABC Kids decided to leave the last two for another DVD, particularly 'Up, Up and Away', which is not even out to Australia yet. They should've left 'Ol Wheezy Wobbles' on this release and place maybe one S16 episode. The DVD is OK in my opinion.


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