Monday, 13 March 2017

S20 Ep.28: Over The Hill (UPDATED 16/12/17)


Written by
Helen Farrall 

Directed by
Dianna Basso

Produced by
Ian McCue (HIT)

Air Date

With Glynn now working for the Earl of Sodor, Sir Robert showed him around the castle. But poor Stephen felt jealous and thought the earl liked Glynn better than him. So Stephen challenges him to a race.

- The dynamic between Stephen and Glynn
- How much money does the Earl have?
- The race between Stephen and Glynn was hilarious
- I love that the Rainhill trails were mentioned

- 'Would you like a cup of tea with that? Young Gordon!' 

UPDATE 16/12/17 - Even though it had been a year late, I had updated this page with its episode number, date and rating. The series overall will still be on my views of 'Useful Railway' which is provided in the episode listing below. Anyone new to this review these were released on DVD around last year in the US and the UK:

I think out of all the Christmas episodes, this one has to be my absolute favourite. The dynamic between Stephen and Glynn was very interesting to see. They do remind me of two old men talking about how great everything was in there day and how everything today was taken for granted. I do love that the Earl has a role too and I wonder with all the expansion work he's cashing in on, I wonder more about his character. What does he do for money? What is his work? Aside from the castle is he the Donald Trump of Sodor but more kinder and loveable?, haha(!), We don't know much about him and I like to know more and I also love it how his next project is a railway museum. 

The race that Stephen and Glynn had was pretty funny too with the 'Eye of the Tiger' theme playing ready for a thrilling start then some old time music of 'Jingle Bells'. It remind me of a Family Guy joke, yeah I'm not much of a fan of the show as I once was and if you have kids I suggest you don't show them the show if you're not a fan of their humour, but the scene of those two reminds me of Hebert and a German person having a punch up but because of their old age the fight isn't epic as it was them withering.

I also like how they have Stephen mentioning the Rainhill trials. It makes Stephen more real to kids. If you don't know what the Rainhill trials are. The Rainhill trials was formed in October 1829, nearly 200 years ago. It was made to decide that either stationary engines for locomotive can pull trains on the nearly built Liverpool to Manchester Railway. Ten engines entered, five engines competed and the Rocket was the winner of the five engines. More of the famous trial runs can be seen here.

Probably one of the strangest changes for this episode was in the UK dub when Glynn said to Gordon 'Would like a cup of tea with that? Young Gordon!' whereas in the US dub he said 'Would you like a glass of milk with that?' to be honest the latter makes more total sense when it comes to Glynn's jab as he mimicked Gordon for being young (a baby) I don't know if the jab in the UK dub is a British saying thing or there way of saying burn but the way the writers change it, it seems so surreal As it didn't make any total sense to me. But even with a one line change, it did leave a great impression on me.

One thing though that puzzled me about these two episode is this, why aren't they on TV during S20's run when they were released on DVD in the US and UK last year with some S20 episodes? Are these episodes part of S21 and they were placed on the DVD to make up more than three episodes? Were they to hype up the upcoming special 'Journey Beyond Sodor'? With the Earl and his Railway museum idea and the possibilities that maybe the experimental engines might make it as there new home? If that was the idea then I'm happy they did that as that how it should work with the season before special formula. However these are just questions and whatever the answers will be, will be the answers in the end and I hope we soon find out why these episodes aren't part S20's TV run.

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