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S20 Ep.6: Saving Time

I had this done before I went over to America earlier in November. It's good to see milkshake not leaving these episodes back longer than what they did for S19 last year. But despite that here are my views on the latest episode: 


Written by
Andrew Brenner

Directed by
Dianna Basso

Produced by
Ian McCue (HIT)

Air Date

Samson boasts to the other engines that he has been given a very special job taking stones from the quarry to the docks. But when he learns that Thomas has been assigned the same task, Samson tries to find another way to show everyone that he’s very important. He decides to take more trucks than he should, insisting that it will save time. But with so many heavy trucks, Samson can’t get over Gordon’s Hill! 

- Sir Handel's brief classic persona
- Moral: Sounds good but does it deliver?
- Thomas' cheeky persona

- I think Samson might need more development, hopefully in future

Samson can be quite a divisive character among some people from the fanbase. To be honest I do like Samson but I think Philip is getting some proper development at the moment with examples like 'Toby's New Friend' and him in 'The Great Race', we never saw him boasting about his race with Gordon stating that he was 'the fastest' but more about him stating that we can do anything we want to if we just put our minds to it and that his optimism but naive self was showing that. 

The moral, the way that I see it, feels like 'It may sound good but does it deliver?' It sounds good for Samson to save time by taking more trucks but it didn't deliver because of the weight of the trucks and the obstacles that are ahead of him. It's a good moral for kids to think before we act. I do like how Thomas delivers his cheekiness to Samson, it's great to see that rather then him being the typical hero of many stories so good work for Brenner on that and he didn't really feel forced in this episode either. Yes he could've been easily replaced by different engine like maybe Stanley but it just felt natural for Thomas to be there. 

Of course there was Sir Handel from what I can see was his S4 persona, with him laughing at the engines and their quarrel. Of course it was on a minuscule second but it was nice to hear that sound again and plus Keith Wickham had improved his voice for Sir Handel too. A bit squeaky but less nasally. 

Even though I do like Samson and he can be a loveable buffoon, I do wish to see the writing team build up his character in the future. I personally don't want to see him as a one-dimensional character in the coming years, hopefully if the writing team bring on an episode with him and his new brake van Bradford we might see that happening, after all this episode by TV schedules in Japan and North America is set before Bradford's episode. Bradford and him could make a great duo together with Bradford's army style persona and Samson's head strong appearance. Hopefully the team does a good job on that. At the end of the day, the episode was not bad but it could've been much better. It's nice to see Samson again in it as the main role though I do wish we see more development of his character. It might've worked better if it were Samson being tricked by Diesel or Sir Handel as long as they have a reason why to trick Samson like what Diesel did to Hiro in 'No More Mr. Nice Engine'. The story was plain and a simple slice of life story. Not a bad episode but not what consider as memorable among other S20 episodes.

Episode Ratings:
Sidney Sings - 8/10

Overall Rating:

I will review more episodes of S20 until I get back from America in December. 

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