Friday, 22 April 2016

S19 Ep.24: Rocky Rescue


Written by
Davey Moore

Directed by

Air Date
24/01/16 - JPN

Rocky has been derailed and all his friends come to help to get him back on track.

- Rocky's persona

- Henry puffing away after an accident
- A bit of a missed opportunity for Judy and Jerome
- Incompetence from the team

The episode is a bad to me. The only good thing coming from this episode was Rocky actually having some personality. For years he was more of a plot device that just replaced the breakdown crane in the past so it's really fresh to see something like this in him. I like how he's calm, not boastful and happy to work in a team. However most of the episode have errors, particularly Henry. In 'Helping Hiro', the crash made him immovable but with Henry falling off the line, who knows at what speed, by being pushed by a boulder he was alright to go to the steamworks on his own. Not to mention that his tender was still off the rails after he was lifted back on the tracks, so continuity error there on Arc Productions' part. 

I think the episode would've been better if it were about Jerome and Judy, from 'The Adventure Begins', feeling neglected or replaced now that they have Rocky as there sole breakdown train and the engines think one is better and modern and in the end they were a backup for Rocky say that he got derailed or the work of a large derailment was too much for him to handle, they help out and the engines think that two cranes are better than one. Yeah it sort of contradicts 'Too Many Fire Engines' say on Belle and Flynn's side as Flynn understands that two is better than one. But the idea of being incompetent could work in that idea then that in this one.

One other thing I don't like is how one of the Fat Controller's engines, especially Thomas, always collect Rocky. Why not make Belle the engine to take Rocky to the crash site? Yes she is a fire fighting steam engine, but it would make sense of her being the engine to transport the crane quickly to the event. Yes Thomas is the main character of the show and kids should look up to him as the hero of the show but we had Percy taking Rocky in 'Wild Water Rescue' so why not Belle?

It feels immature of them (Belle, Flynn and Harold) to see who can help Rocky on their own that it feels like they are hammering the 'working together' moral and I think it was worse then 'No Help At All!'. You think after 10001 rescues they should learn that moral by now! Yes Harold was immature in the early years of the show but he had shown some growth over the years as a character. In my opinion this is one of my least favourite S19 episodes.

Rating: 2/10

Episode Ratings:
Lost Property - 9/10
Helping Hiro - 6/10
Slow Stephen - 9/10

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