Thursday, 31 December 2015

S19 Ep.10: The Beast of Sodor


Written by
Becky Overton

Directed by
Don Spencer

Air Date

The Vicarstown Bridge is blocked and so Spencer is to stay on Sodor for the time being. He told the other engines his 'story' of the abominable snowman. Henry is scared by and Spencer thought it'll be finny to tease him. Until they've encountered one or so they thought.

- Henry upping himself during the snowman scene
- The Fat Controller's comedy moment
- Henry's wimpy attitude isn't cringe this season
- Lots of funny moments
- Moral: Don't be up yourself 

- Spencer being on a single line with Henry

I really how the team handled Henry's wimpy behaviour this season. Sure episodes like 'Henry Spots Trouble' was a bit over the top but it showed something relatable about being scared of the unknown and this episode wasn't as cringe worthy as I thought. I love the scene when Henry was upping himself against the abominable snowman, which turns out to be the Fat Controller this whole time, it definitely adds some character development in him. Sure people like to see him in his old persona and that's fine, even though I don't find it to be standing out from the rest of the crowd as we have arrogant engines like Gordon and James and Samson. I also love the comedic moments of the Fat Controller, especially the bull chasing him was funny but there are also other great comedic moment like the Fat Controller's face zooming in with the dramatic music and the record scratching of the dramatic music. I will say that being a show that brings out the railway realism, it quite illogical of Spencer and Henry being on one single track with two seperate trains. I think the best idea if they do these types of episodes with two characters sharing the lead role, it'll be better if they double head the train. I don't think they've ever shown that in the television series at all?

The concept of this episode reminds me of 'Ghost Train' with Spencer being all uppity and teased one of the engines about the abominable snowman. Same as how Thomas is all uppity about not being scared of a ghost. It brings in the moral to kids about not to be up themselves over things that never happened to them.

Sure people will say 'it's trains with faces, that's not realistic'. Sure, that's true but Rev.W.Awdry created the Island of Sodor's railway system authentically and set within real life, a bit like Harry Potter and that is what made the series unique as the NWR is trying to be like a real working railway rather then a fantasy magical island. But with that out of the way, I like this episode and I'm glad that the new team are handling Henry well.

Rating: 9/10

Episode Rating:
The Beast of Sodor - 9/10

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