Tuesday, 21 April 2015

NWR Editorial: Sodor's Legend of The Lost Treasure Trailer




After months of waiting with the likes of 'The Adventure Begins' released in March along the way, we finally got a glimpse of the next DVD special for 2015. When I first heard of the movie's title I thought to myself how are they going to write a story around a treasure hunt? After all we have the likes of 'Thomas and the Treasure' from Season 10. But after seeing the trailer for the first it looks bigger then a ten minute episode from nine years ago. 
The trailer opens up with Thomas having a race with Bertie most likely on his branch line with Toby coming along the same track. Then we see him at Knapford station, the same set from The Adventure Begins, most likely demoted to shunter? and caused an accident with the express coaches and so he was 'sent away in disgrace' to most likely Arelsburgh Harbour on the Little Western, according to many toys that were released beforehand where he discovered a lost pirate ship. We then meet characters like Ryan (voiced by Eddie Redmayne) along with the comeback of Alfie, Jack and Oliver from 'the pack' as well as Donald and Douglas, the 'game changer' the debut of the Arelsdale Miniature Railway engines as well as Sailor John (voiced by John Hurt) and Skiff (voiced by Jamie Campbell Bower) 

I believe some fans might think that this special could be in the likes of Season 5, explosions and dark themed stories, but the trailer had made me excited for it as I believe it has reason to be there. It looks very action driven and I think it might be better then TOTB. The trailer also gave me that vibe of 'The Great Discovery' as well probably with the amount of characters and the story so far. I have a feeling Thomas might've lost his branch line and his two coaches as was given to by Ryan in the movie while Thomas works at the Little Western. Ryan actually looks good in purple in my opinion and I understand that in reality the GNR N2 class tank engine are painted in apple green. But over the years we have seen many green characters coming into the series and there's a lack of purple engines when you think about it. Plus it adds more outside of the 'gender stereotype' colours like boys love blue and girls love pink.
Some fans may have a problem with Skiff being a 'rail-boat' but the concept of his basis intrigued me as in real life we have 'Spooner's Boat' on Ffestiniog Railway in Wales and the idea of Skiff's face being plastered the boat, which to some may look generic, but we have the likes of TUGS with a midget submarine having a face.
For the first time in over 20 years, we finally see the Arelsdale Miniature Railway being adapted into the series. It's great timing too with the 70th anniversary of the Railway Series books this year and Arc Productions had an extraordinary job on the basis of the engines, even though they've given the likes to Rex and Bert coloured wheels it's fine by me. As for Mike's, well his basis also have red coloured wheels.

It's also great to see more returnees coming into the series such as Oliver and Alfie, first time we saw Oliver (above left) and Alife (middle) since 2008! I have to say Arc Production had done a splendid job on them. They look so much like their model counterparts as well as the faces, although Alfie's face looks similar to his one from S12. 

Probably the returnees I'm looking forward to the most is Donald and Douglas. Ever since the comebacks of old characters such as Duck, Toad, Oliver and all I always look forward to the return of the scottish twins. I love the detailing around the smokebox door of Donald as well as the buffer beam. However since this era of the series is showing continuity of the Railway Series books as well as respecting the original source material, I wish that they were in their Caledonian blue livery. I understand that fans remember them being black since S2 but with the way of the series respecting the Railway Series and its source it would be nice to see that. It is a fact that the colour black, like Donald's paint above, can't sell well on toys as children enjoy bright colours. However I don't worry what colour they are because character is more important. 

Our new human character, Sailor John (voiced by John Hurt) and looking at the detail on him, Arc Productions had created such a realistic looking human being. Fans also think he's like P.T Boomer, although looking at the August 1999 draft script of T&TMRR on SiF. Boomer looks more dark and such an idiotic character anyway but that's a different story. 

Since this location is likely Arelsburgh harbour I am amazed by the amount of work and detail that Arc Productions had put into the location. It has that British look towards it with the pier and township and all. Im looking forward to more of it and I do love the, sunrise as well as the haunting night when Thomas was chasing Skiff and Sailor John.
So far this trailer looks epic and since that many are being hyped up towards it and I'm not surprised by it either, I think people should take it easy for the time being. As I said before in my review for 'The Adventure Begins', expect the unexpected. It might not be like a S5 story or anything like a classic series episode. But I'm looking forward towards July as Hoyts cinemas will be showing this movie and July's really not that far at the moment. I will give my views on the movie once the DVD is out in the UK.


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