Tuesday, 13 January 2015

NWR Editorial: Logan Gets A Render


The new year had started off with two surprises. Of course the 'The Adventure Begins' trailer, which I've discussed earlier and the CGI rendered Logan. Last year in July 2014, Fisher Price has revealed on the Thomas & Friends 'Engine Depot' website the new exclusive character Logan. Which is available in his own Wooden Railway train set and Book Pack. This year the official Thomas Wooden Railway website had revealed a promotion video of Logan in a full CGI render by Arc Productions.

When I first saw the picture above from the TTTE Wikia, I thought it's a fake picture. As there has been previous images in the past when it came to Tale of The Brave of engines with sloping boilers. But thanks to friends on twitter it was real. Though it had lead to the speculation that Logan will join the television series in Series 19. As SiF had put it on their blog, Logan is created by Fisher Price. No one from HIT Entertainment were involved towards the creation of the character. Plus he's a 'merchandise exclusive' character and even if he's added in the series it loose that uniqueness, in my opinion. It's understandable that some people don't like how he's a one-off character but in my opinion it's in a good way. Children who have the item can give there own personality towards Logan using their imagination and can recreate the adventure with the book through a train set. Plus he's a one-off with purpose, by working at a coal depot at Crosby. Much better then the previous one-off's between S5 and S9-16. 
Although fans do want him in the series and I have nothing against that, I think we should wait and see if he is confirmed to be in the series. In my eyes I see this as a promotion only video and I understand that it's costly to render a model just for a one-off deal. Though that happened to characters like Trevor and Jack in the past. But there has been many promos that use CGI such as the Pixar teaser trailers and some Toy Story promotional videos that were on TV in the 90's on Fox Kids I believe, but they're on the 10th anniversary DVD from 2005. 
But I will admit, the CGI render is much better then the book. His face in particular doesn't look like plastic surgery gone wrong or a jacked up Victor. Although in some places it looked awkward but natural as well. Plus I'm glad Arc had given him a front coupling too and riveting and detail of his body looks amazing. In conclusion though there is nothing to confirm that he'll be in S19 this year.