Wednesday, 10 December 2014

DVD Review: Signals Crossed


Special Features
Calling All Engines! - Duck and James
Mr. Perkins' Storytime - Thomas Goes Fishing
The Earl's Quiz - Emily Saves the World & Express Coming Through
Mr. Perkins' Postcard - Bridges
Engine Roll Call music video
Searching Everywhere music video
Guess Who? puzzles

Directed by
David Stoten 
Don Spencer

Produced by
Robert Anderson (Arc)
Ian McCue (HIT)

Distributed by
HIT Entertainment/Universal 

Release Date
11/11/14 - Digital Download 
2/12/14 - DVD

Well we've come to the last DVD of Thomas & Friends for 2014. Another batch of Season 18 episodes. A blog post about all the DVD's that I've reviewed during 2014 will be published around later on in the month, possibly about New Years Eve. Anyway here's my views on the final DVD release from the United States for 2014.

My views of these are provided under the 'Episodes' title under the DVD cover as they've aired in the UK. I'll give my own word on the Ferdinand cameo, the people who may've downgrade the episode because of that, it was just a one second cameo so don't make it into such a big deal. MIR as well as S14-16 were terrible but even if the writers bring back the logging locos they may come to be likeable as the writers care about character development, this is why the fan base is in such total disgrace to the rest of the fans who love the show, people downgrade episode for the littlest thing possible, a bit like 'Emily Saves the World' despite that's not even out yet. Though the episodes that stood out to me on this DVD are 'Thomas and the Emergency Cable', 'Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger' and 'No Steam Without Coal'. All episodes though have great morals and stories despite some problems here and there, only little ones though.

The 'Calling All Engines!' segments on this release are Duck and James, it's pretty much the same like every other character for kids to understand there personalities. Mr. Perkins returns again with a Railway Series story of 'Thomas Goes Fishing', despite that there aren't any of Lorraine Marshall's illustrations, Dalby's work is still remarkable to look out and even on HD, yes I bought the digital download by having an iTunes US account. We are given another postcard about bridges and how they are important to the railway as well as the road. The Earl's Quiz provided us an unseen S18 episode from the upcoming DVD 'Dinos and Discoveries' in January in the UK, the episode is the somehow 'infamous' 'Emily Saves the World', I'll my two cents on the episode next month as well as a S16 episode 'Express Coming Through'. The quiz is good for kids to learn from about the engine or animal, as provided in the questions in the segments.

The strange thing though is that the DVD advertise 'Engine Roll Call' as extended in the press release by Universal. When it was first revealed some fans were thinking that the song is either remixed by EggPlant considering that there website had announced that they are going to revamp the classic theme, before you get started on that the classic theme is the one from S1-7, many could consider that the recent theme is classic as it has been ten years since its introduction in 2004. But on the DVD release it's nothing more then the music video strangely cut off from the DVD and was used as a special feature with no extension possible. The only thing that's extensive is that the song was longer like in the S8 videos and DVDs back in 2004.

The DVD was good. There's a nice selection of episodes for kids to watch with morals and good story lines and segments for kids to be entertained with. But despite that, if you're looking for a Christmas gift for your child I suggest 'Tale of The Brave' for Christmas as that DVD has a much more bigger and brilliant story. Well that is all the Thomas DVDs I have reviewed during 2014. DVD reviews will be back sometime in January 2015. Next post will be the Christmas episodes of S18 as we are the month of Christmas.

Rating: 8/10