Friday, 4 July 2014

US DVD Complete Series Petition

Since 2004, America was given 'The Early Years' on DVD all restored for the first time, but with the UK narration of Ringo Starr and not with the American narration of George Carlin, who had recorded all episodes of Thomas & Friends for four seasons. After the release of the DVD there were no follow up and the UK and Australia were given series compilation DVDs since 1998 in the UK and 2006 in Australia, though S13-14 have yet to be released in Australia. The only way America were given classic episodes, and new series episodes too, all remastered was in compilation DVDs of various episodes such as 'Engine Friends' from 2012. The United States have classic series DVDs, but only with various episodes on such titles like 'Thomas and His Friends Help Out and other Stories' or 'James Learns a Lesson and Other Stories' or '10 Years of Thomas the Tank Engine' etc. and, with Lionsgate and Anchor Bay, the episodes were from VHS transfers and have such low quality. Plus episodes between S6-17 (Prior to 'Spills and Thrills') have been released in full screen rather then widescreen and every episode in the UK of those series have been released widescreen. Now with Universal being the new distributor of Thomas DVDs starting October this year, fans who've started the petition such as TheUnknownThomasFan1, TheFattHatt1943 and Tug97 have set one up on persuading HIT and Universal to give the United States all series compilation episodes of one of Britain's beloved children's characters. Old fans can look back at their childhoods and younger fans will experience what Thomas was like in the past, most people today would share the experience as young fans' parents have grew up with Thomas as well. If you're interested in the petition, please click the link below. Fans in the UK have been fussing about the remastered classic series episodes not being released and the DVDs that featured them are now released since 2012. Hopefully the same can be for the American audience of Thomas the Tank Engine: