Tuesday, 1 October 2013

S17 Ep.12: The Thomas Way



Written by
Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson 

Produced by
Kallan Kagan (Arc)
Ian McCue and Halim Jabbour (HIT)

Directed by
David Baas

Air Date:

Harold the Helicopter broke down near Callan castle. Duck and Thomas are to take him to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre to be repaired. Thomas decided to give Harold a tour around the island through an engine's perspective but Duck insist Thomas that there are two ways of doing things: 'The Great Western way or The Wrong way' 

- The flashback
- Thomas and Duck were in character 
- No three strikes formula
- Moral: Not everything can go their own personal way

- Duck being turned around by Rocky
- 'The Great Western way or the Wrong Way' got annoying for a while

Well, we've seen Duck's comeback for ten seconds in 'Henry's Hero' and now we see him making a bigger role for the first time in CGI and for the first time since the fourth season really, 'Fish'. The flashback scene was great and it's also great that they've acknowledge Thomas' history with the use of Duck's season six model and the use of Paddington station in the background, Paddington is actually the London of the Great Western Railway, its headquarters. Nice to see that Andrew Brenner had kept his word of researching the Thomas wikia site and it was nice of the people who are behind the old photograph to have put Duck in the background of the GWR's main station, showcasing the character's roots and seeing some Britishness in the scene and it was a great bonus to see them mentioning Duck's real name, Montague. Thomas and Duck were in great character, Duck is very much like himself from Season 2, telling the engines 'The Great Western way or the Wrong Way', though I have to say it does get annoying at times, but it shows in the end that not everything can go your way, with the mistakes that Duck and Thomas had made on the way to the Search and Rescue centre. 

Plus there is no three strikes formula, the only mistake that the two engines made was taking Harold to Knapford station, the scene of them going through the narrow tunnel is like the final problem on their journey. However there is one con I have with the episode, that is Duck being turned around by Rocky, it would've made more sense if Duck rolled along backwards and Thomas and Harold looking out for him. Plus him saying 'The Great Western Way or the Wrong Way' got annoying for a while. In the end I did enjoy the episode and so far it's on my list of personal favourite S17 episodes.

Rating: 4/5