Saturday, 10 August 2013

DVD Review: Treat Size Introduces.... DVDs



Originally Written by
The Rev.W.Awdry

Adapted and Produced by
Britt Allcroft, David Mitton and Robert D. Cardona 


Directed by
David Mitton

Distributed by
HIT Entertainment 
Entertainment Alliance  

Release Date

In 2013, HIT Entertainment and Entertainment Alliance had both distributed 'Treat Size Introduces....' DVDs of Thomas & Friends, as well as other of HIT's brands such as Pingu, Angelina Ballerina and Fireman Sam, from which I bought 'Sam's Day Off' as well. Each DVD contains about six episodes, Fireman Sam only has a limited of three and Angelina Ballerina only has two episodes on their DVDs respectively. So let's take a look at the Treat Size DVDs.

There are six episodes from the first season of 'Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends' with narration by ex-Beatle Ringo Starr. The episodes are fantastic with the words written by the Rev.W.Awdry with the great adaptation by David Mitton, Britt Allcroft and Robert D. Cardona. With great remastered footage that were released as series compilation in late 2012, which are hard to find to UK and the only place to end up to find them is the internet. 

In another Thomas DVD I bought, 'Edward's Exploit' there are six episodes from the second season of the show with narration by Ringo Starr. These include 'Edward's Exploit' 'Daisy', 'Percy's Predicament', 'The Diseasel', 'Wrong Road' and 'Ghost Train'. It is another fantastic season all remastered too. 

There are no special features on the treat size DVDs, but there is a promotional video for the CGI DVDs of Thomas & Friends. Not special really but a really good promo. 

I think these DVDs are fantastic to have. The series compilations that were released last year in the UK are now hard to find in the shops in the UK, I was there in July when I got these DVDs in York. With being 1 pound each and with a nice amount of good written episodes and all remastered, these are a must have! You can get copies of these on eBay, Amazon etc. or you can find them at local Poundland's or at a heritage railway, I saw these down at the Bluebell Railway last month. There are now new ones being released from the first two seasons, this time from Walk Investments Limited distributing it alongside with HIT Entertainment. These are 'Edward and Gordon', 'Thomas, Percy and The Coal' and 'A Close Shave'. With Christmas being only four months away these could be an ideal Christmas present for your child to introduce to the classic era of the show at its finest. 

Rating: 5/5