Monday, 31 December 2012

What To Expect In 2013...

Since that Australia are only three hours away to welcome 2013, I thought it'll be good to post something to end 2012 and that is what to expect in the new year.

During the past 12 months this blog was in its first steps to the Thomas fandom and over those months I've seen many users having a background for their blog to make it more eye catching for the reader. So starting on Jan 1st, a new background will be added. The background will feature the little blue engine from the RWS - the sixteenth series, thanks to the TTTE Wikia. 

The reviews will be their usual selves like 2012, but when it comes to DVDs and Books, I will add links onto them to shops that if they like to purchase a copy. S6-12 reviews will be up soon and their'll be more DVD reviews coming soon during the course of 2013. The first DVD will be in the middle of January with the US release of 'Muddy Matters

Once again, I like to give thanks to all fellow readers, watchers and friends for a great year and we'll be looking forward to be giving you more reviews in many years to come. 

Enjoy 2013 everyone!!